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Well Water Palm Beach
Well Water Filtration Palm Beach

Well Water Treatment

Our well water filtration systems, can handle any issue or problem you may have with your water. Whether it’s sulfur (rotten egg smell), iron, color, severe hardness, saltwater intrusion, we can handle it all. Jupiter Farms and The Acreage areas are well know to suffer from this problem but if you have well water in south Florida it could pretty much happen to any of you. Our technicians can handle any water problem, with almost 20 years treating Florida well water, we’ve seen it all and fixed it all. From Wellington to Hobe Sound and from the east coast to Okeechobee we think we have seen it all and we just love sorting your water problems. We install pumps, pressure tanks and all the filtration required to give you the finest quality of water you can imagine. As each well has a different quality of water, each well water system needs to be specifically designed for the application needed.

We service and repair all types of well water equipment. We repair or replace pumps, loss of water or water pressure issues, and any water quality issues you may be having. Have a bad odor in your water?, iron stains?, yellow color? or is your water is very hard?, we can fix them all. We can maintain all well water systems and deliver salt monthly. Ask about our affordable monthly service and never worry about your water system again, let us take care of it for you. We can give you a free water analysis and check your system out to be sure it’s working properly.

Well Water

Our well water systems are designed to remove many contaminants including Iron, sulfur, calcium, colors and odors.

We design each system based upon water quality and the demands of the water. A well can be completely different from another well just a few feet away. Well depth determines raw water quality and what type of system will be effective removing minerals and gases that are in groundwater.

Designing the right water system, with the least amount of maintenance is our goal.

Well Water Treatment West Palm Beach

Pumps and Pump Repair

We carry Starite and Goulds jet pumps for wells.Based upon your budget and needs would determine which type or size pump you will need. We install new pumps and replace pressure switches when they need replacing.We can troubleshoot and fix well problems such as suction line leaks, check valve replacement, or bacteria contamination.

Pressure Tank West Palm Beach

Pressure Tanks

We have a complete line of pressure tanks.Allow our technicians to choose the right size pressure tank for your water system. Installing the wrong pressure tank will result in higher energy bills and will shorten the life of your pump.

Water Softeners West Palm Beach

Water Softener

Florida groundwater is some the hardest water in the country.Without a proper water softener,a house can be damaged within days.Calcium hardwater buildup occurs very fast.Our water softeners are made by Clack. Depending on the size of your home, family, and water quality, would determine the right water softener for your needs.

All of our water softeners have premium resin with color removing capabilities.Our softeners are also metered by the control valve,so they are very efficient and use less salt than most water softeners.Our water softeners are also Non-Franchise which means they are able to be serviced by any water company.

Carbon Filtration West Palm Beach

Carbon Filtration

Carbon is generally used in well water to remove odor, iron and sulfur. Depending on the quality of the raw water would determine the size and type of carbon system needed. Catalytic carbon is used in harsh water with high levels of sulfur or iron and coconut shell carbon is used in cleaner water conditions. Our preferred sulfur and iron removal method is through air injection valves. This method uses no chemicals and is basically maintenance free for years. Using Oxygen to help capture iron and sulfur is not only effective but requires no monthly maintenance.

A poorly designed application can cost the homeowner considerably more than a properly designed application. Allow our expert team to determine the type of carbon filter needed. We will rebed (replace) carbon when needed. We remind customers when carbon is recommended to be exchanged to avoid any water problems.

Water Softener West Palm Beach

Whole Home Reverse Osmosis

We also specialize in Whole House Reverse Osmosis, which is an option to ensure the purest form of water for your entire home. These have been increasingly more popular as people become more aware of water qualities of well water declining.Having the cleanest water running through their home for bathing, washing and consuming is not just a luxury but a necessity for concerned well water homeowners. Our systems are of the highest quality and made by Puromax in Florida.

Designing the right pre-filtration is one of the most important factors in having a whole home reverse osmosis. Making sure the water going to the system is as clean as possible will help the system work better and have less maintenance.Our system comes with a PH stabilizer as to not worry about plumbing oxidation issues from lower PH levels. Having the correct size storage vessels can prevent any problems of running out of water.Have our whole house reverse osmosis experts design the right size system for your home.

Well Water Maintenance West Palm Beach

Well Water Maintenance

We offer an affordable monthly maintenance program where we keep your salt tank full, replace sediment cartridges as needed and any chemicals including chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate and so on. Call us today for a free quote on maintaining your existing equipment.

We also track our customers and remind them when certain materials are due for service. Sometimes this is annually or several years out, so you don’t have to worry about your system breaking down.

Well Water Service West Palm Beach

Well Water Service areas

Areas on well water serviced are Hobe Sound, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Caloosa, West Palm Beach, Acreage, Loxahatchee, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Parkland and everywhere in between.

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Our well water systems are designed to remove many contaminants including Iron, Sulfur, Calcium, Colors and Odors.