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City Water Filtration Palm Beach

City Water Treatment

What is City or County Water?

If you’re a homeowner paying for your water and have a water meter, you likely have what’s commonly referred to as ‘City Water.’ At Perfectly Clear Water, we’ve designed water treatment systems specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of city water. Our systems are engineered to effectively eliminate a wide range of contaminants, including those responsible for unpleasant issues like bad taste, chemical odors, yellow discoloration, and water hardness.

Our comprehensive range of water treatment solutions includes whole-home systems as well as compact water purification units that conveniently fit beneath your sink. Our drinking water systems, designed for under-sink installation, come complete with a dedicated faucet for easy access. Additionally, we can seamlessly connect the system to your refrigerator, ensuring you have filtered ice cubes and pure water on demand.

Among our most popular offerings are Reverse Osmosis systems, conveniently installed under your kitchen sink. These systems excel at purifying water, surpassing the performance of many other filtration methods. We also offer a comprehensive lineup of premium carbon filters, which not only remove undesirable tastes and chemicals but also retain essential minerals. Our drinking water systems are affordable and adaptable to various budgets.

With over two decades of experience in treating city water here in South Florida, we’ve acquired valuable insights into the most effective methods for eliminating unwanted chemicals and particles from your tap water.

Moreover, we proudly offer servicing for any brand or make of city water treatment system. Reach out to us today for a complimentary water analysis to determine how Perfectly Clear Water can resolve your water-related concerns.

As part of our commitment to your convenience, Perfectly Clear H2o provides timely filter replacement reminders to our customers. Our scheduling is based on water quality and the size of your household. We also offer servicing for existing drinking water filter systems, regardless of the brand.

Home Water Filtration

Whole Home Carbon Filter

The whole home water filter removes chlorine and other chemicals responsible for bad taste, smell and color found in tap water. This filter is very economical and is a must buy for any home. Great tasting water through out your home! Reduce your carbon footprint, stop buying bottled water. Installing a whole home carbon filter is one of smartest things you can do for you, your family and the Earth!

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Most bottled water you buy at the store tests worse in quality than your very own tap water and costs millions more per gallon. Can you imagine turning on your faucet for 3 seconds to fill up a small bottle and it costs you $2? The whole home carbon filter saves you thousands of dollars per year not having to buy bottled water and gives you much more in return that just a bottle with a fancy label. Removing chlorine and chemicals from city water is the smartest way to save money and drink high quality water from every tap in your home. Bottled water isn’t scrutinized or regulated for quality like municipal water treatment plants, and most of it goes un regulated, so you aren’t quite sure what is in that bottle of water. Most bottled water is tap water just filtered and resold.

Bottled water is responsible for millions of gallons of oil to be used in the manufacturing of the bottles, the transportation, and the other energy used to produce the bottles and the water. Only about 10% of bottled water bottles get recycled, the rest are thrown in our land fills or end up as litter. Eventually we will bury ourselves on Earth underneath all the bottled water bottles man produces. Start today by saying “NO” to buying bottled water and installing a whole home filter for your home.

Get Perfectly Clear Results:

  • Every fixture in your home has filtered water
  • Great tasting water throughout home
  • Removes chemical odors from city water
  • Cook with filtered water
  • Great tasting Ice cubes, tea and coffee
  • Food will taste better
  • No need for under sink or refrigerator filters
  • Chlorine and ammonia in city water are known carcinogens
  • Clothes in washer won’t fade
  • Prolongs the life of appliances
  • Prevents dry skin and hair
  • Helps with Skin allergies, acne, eczema
  • Brush your teeth and wash your face with filtered water
  • This is a “Green” product
  • Never buy bottled water again!
Water Softener

Water Softener

The water softener removes all hard water stains, water spots on glass, mirrors and tile. Soft water is better for appliances, reduces scale in pipes leading to low water pressure, and saves money on energy bills reducing hot water heater calcium buildup. Water softeners are not only helpful in a home but can be beneficial to you and your family in many other ways, click below to learn how:

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The water softener attaches to the outside main water supply and softens all the water before it enters the home. Soft water means water without hard metals such as calcium, lime scale, and iron which can be found in tap water. Hard water usually comes from limestone which is very abundant in Florida. Water also picks up many particles along the way to your home from miles of pipes before it gets there. Resins inside the tank attract the hard metals and scale out of the water making the water “soft”. The water softener prevents hard water stains on sinks, glass, tile, faucets, fixtures, and dishes. Keep your bathroom, kitchen and appliances looking like new. Hard water can make tile look dull, glass gets foggy and collects water spots. No need to use “jet dry” or other common spot free additives in your dishwasher.


Cleaning those water stains requires harsh chemicals and acids to effectively remove them and using these cleaning products is bad for your health and the environment. Soft water is also soothing for people who have skin allergens or eczema. Removing hard water scale off of the skin helps reduce symptoms and itchiness. Fill up a bath tub and see that yellowish green water? Doesn’t look very inviting does it, we have special additives within our water softeners which removes all the color, bringing back the true blue color of water. Enjoy your bath tub again!

Soft water makes laundry fluffier and hair and skin feel silky smooth. Use less detergent and soap, get that “spot free” result you were looking for. Soft water extends the life of your appliances, and even makes your hot water heater more efficient. Installing a water softener for your home saves you money over time by reducing energy bills, soap expenses, appliance repairs, water pressure issues, and time cleaning those nasty water stains. Protect your home and your family with soft water.

Hard water leaves a white chalky film which is difficult to remove, and hard water leaves a build up in pipes over time reducing water pressure.

After a water softener has been installed:

  • Hair and skin will feel soft and smooth
  • Spot free dishes, glass, tile, sinks, and faucets
  • Cleaning is easier, no scrubbing
  • Use less soap and detergents
  • Extends the life of appliances
  • Fixtures will never dull
  • Hot water heaters are more efficient with soft water
  • Prevents low water pressure over time due to hard water build up
  • Soft Fluffy laundry
  • Remove all color out of tap water, bath water will be crystal clear with our special anion resin
  • Save approximately 10% of your monthly grocery bill by reducing your soap consumption by more than 50%
Drinking Water Palm Beach

Drinking Water

Concerned about your drinking water? You should be, less than 1% of the worlds water is considered “drinkable”. As population grows, our clean water resources shrink. People have turned to bottled water for a better tasting alternative to tap and also as a healthy option to soft drinks. Bottled water is an epidemic that has exploded the last 10 years or so and we are only recycling about 15% of the used bottles.

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Our well water systems are designed to remove many contaminants including Iron, Sulfur, Calcium, Colors and Odors.